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Love locks : No more.

The mayor’s office has announced it ; there will be no more love locks on the Pont de Arts and other bridges in Paris. Glass panels will be installed on the bridge instead of the traditional railing.

Too many and heavy love locks, part of the Pont des Arts railing collapsed this summer. 

Paris will stay the city of lovers, but they will have to find a new way to express their commitments toward one another.

Source : Metronews (in french)

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Imperial France #4

Napoleon’s library and study at the Rueil-Malmaison museum.

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Imperial France #3

Napoleon’s bedroom at the Rueil-Malmaison museum.

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Imperial France #2

Dining room at the Rueil Malmaison museum. Pompeian style was, during the Napoleon empire, very poular. Mixed with french classicism, it was a way to legitimate the imperial regime, a reference to roman emperors.

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Imperial France #1

Napoléon at Rueil Malmaison museum, near Paris.

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Åkrafjorden Snøhetta

"The hunting lodge is beautifully situated, alone beside a lake in the untouched mountain areas close to Åkrafjorden in the western part of Norway. It is accessible only by foot or horseback. The integration of the hut into the landscape has been an important part of the concept. The terrain is characteristic with grass, heather and rocks, and the hut’s shape, orientation, and materials are dictated by this. “

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Architects are always making things out of shipping containers, and it is easy to forget that these big steel boxes are not relics of the past. We rarely think of them in their functional, utilitarian context of the actual shipping industry, but the container is still the method of choice for inter-continental freight moving. And innovation is still happening at a gigantic scale in this sector. Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering is a company in the port of Okpo, South Korea. They are now constructing the world’s largest ship  and 12 of it.

Before we start planning how to turn it into thousands of pop-up cafes and boutiques, let’s take a look at this monstrosity. Danish shipping company Maersk Lines has ordered 20 of the ship for delivery by 2015. They will serve the northern-Europe-to-Asia route.”You don’t feel like you’re inside a boat, it’s more like a cathedral,” Wired’s photographer Alastair Phillip Wiper says. “Imagine this space being full of consumer goods, and think about how many there are on just one ship. Then think about how many are sailing round the world everyday. It’s like trying to think about infinity.”

These new ships have some innovations that allow them to carry up to 864 million bananas (18,000 20-foot shipping containers arranged in 23 rows). This includes a design that allows containers to be stacked 11 levels deep beneath the deck of the ship, and up to 10 levels high on top. Also, the bridge has been moved forward, to allow more to be stacked without obstructing the view.

425 prefabricated segments make up 21 giant “mega-block” cross-sections painted with 252,350 gallons of paint, mostly anti-corrosive epoxy and the proprietary Maersk brand color, “Hardtop AS-Blue 504”.

The 70 ton, 32-foot propellers are made in Germany, and the twin-skeg propulsion system uses two engines and two four-blade propellers, instead of the more common single six-blade propeller. Lars Peter Jensen, captain of the Matz Maersk, has served on four of the ships that were previously the world’s largest.

Transustainable House by Sugawara Daisuke.

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The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art is a rarer than once-in-a-lifetime project: $700 million to build and endow the museum, a prestigious client, an already-famed program, and a choice piece of real estate that architects dream to be handed.

While its purview of “narrative art” is broad, the Lucas museum will focus on ”the evolution of moving images  from illustration to cinema to the digital mediums of the future.” That means everything from 19th-century children’s story illustrations to the coveted archives of Industrial Light & Magic (that’s the “Star Wars” part).

Chicago competed intensely with other cities to host the museum on its lakefront. The city’s own Studio Gang is handling landscaping as well as designing a bridge that will connect the museum to a small area of parkland located just across a small inlet. WhileVOA Associates are serving as architects of record, MAD Architects and its founder Ma Yansong will lead the museum’s principle design. Yansong, one of three principal partners at the firm, graduated from theBeijing Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture, holds an M.Arch from Yale University, and is currently a professor at Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

Nightmare on Male street

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Quiet view

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Yiannos Vrousgos

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Disused bank, Texarkana, Texas/Arkansas

2013, © Nicolas Grospierre

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