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Courtyard House by Atelier Sacha Cotture

Photo © Luca Tettoni

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Baulinder Haus por Hufft Projects

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Bare : the future of skyscrapers ?

When we imagine the future of environmentally sustainable cities, it’s common to depict them as forests of skyscrapers with, well, forests on them. But environmental writer Tim De Chant says that architects and futurists need to get real. Skyscrapers will never support trees:

There are plenty of scientific reasons why skyscrapers don’t—and probably won’t—have trees, at least not to the heights which many architects propose. Life sucks up there. For you, for me, for trees, and just about everything else except peregrine falcons. It’s hot, cold, windy, the rain lashes at you, and the snow and sleet pelt you at high velocity. Life for city trees is hard enough on the ground. I can’t imagine what it’s like at 500 feet, where nearly every climate variable is more extreme than at street level. […]

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Nagaoka City Hall Aore Kengo Kuma and Associates

"With the growth of cities and their scale, public buildings of 20th Century were likely to be driven away to the suburbs, often as isolated concrete boxes in parking lots. We wanted to reverse this flow with Nagaoka Aore. We moved the city hall back to the center of the town and revived a real “heart of town,” which is located in a walking distance from anywhere, working along with people’s everyday life. This is exactly like the city hall historically nurtured in Europe, and embodies the idea of compact city in the environment-oriented age. We adopted the traditional method of “tataki,” and “nakadoma,” which is to function as a meeting point for the community, is no longer the mere concrete box – the space is gently surrounded by placid structure, finished with wood and solar panels."

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Hey Tumblr Staff !

I’m getting fed up with this Waiting more than a minute to see my tumblr blog to open ? Like hell.

So, why don’t you ask your yahoo friends to have their data-CRM-servers functioning properly, or put them offline ? Because, if you keep having those problems, I’ll start to write about it. Like Everyday.

All yours, Manuel Atreide


Photography taken by Yoann Stoeckel

Far away from our vision of this country, far away from our way of life, simply far away, Ethiopia. 6 different climates, cradle of humankind (at least, one of them), Ethiopia is also a country where christians, muslims, animists and religious minorities live together without constant fights.

Look at this young man. He’s not on any runway, he’s not a professional model, his face is not an icon for any global brand. He could but he has other things to do. He has a life to live.

Amazing picture. Amazing country.

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Japan concept of perfection.

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Dutchess County Residence, Main House Allied Works Architecture

"Allied Works was commissioned to design a residence, guesthouse and private gallery on 400 acres in Dutchess County, New York. Located on the eastern slopes of the Hudson River Valley, the site consists of rolling hills, open meadow and dense hardwood forest. Each of the three buildings responds to a particular landscape. Collectively, the estate and its three primary structures create a range of sensory experiences and sites for artistic interpretation."

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Iekeliene Stange by Patrizio Di Renzo

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Red Ralf Wendrich

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The Cordito keeps all you cords together and tangle free in a nifty leather wrap.

Keep all your phoneography accessories safe and stylish

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Hi everybody !

My name is Mehdi, 23. I’m coming from France (Lille & Paris).
I can’t say that i’m photographer, but i try to do “good” photographs … 

I have a 365 photo project that mixes street photography and some other little projects.

This photo was taken for my « Ballerina On The Road” sub-project.

Hope you’ll like my different projects !

See you soon on Facebook Page, my Personal Facebook account or Tumblr (


You should check the tumblr account dedicated to his project. Medhi, day after day, gives us the opportunity to see the world through his eyes, but also to discover France, far away from the clichés. Really interesting. This guy has a keen eye.


Gago House

San Pedro de La Paz • Biobío Region • Chile
by Pezo von Ellrichshausen

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H House Sae Min Oh – BANG by MIN [via]

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Private houses in crowded asian countries don’t have the same space as they can be built on in Europe or North America. Contemporary architects have developped new thinkings to create them in a very efficient form. 

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