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Parisian hidden charms.

Most of parisian buildings have backyards that aren’t opened to everyone. There, people can create little places, quiet and beautiful, away from the city’s rush.

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Fashion from old

Coffee shop terrace in Paris 18th arrondissement, next Halle Pajol. Gentrification is underway and take sometimes odd shapes.

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28 days… 6 hours… 42 minutes… 12 seconds.

Welcome to Lunar industries (Three years stretch) - Clint Mansell

Sci-Fi movies are not always full of lasers, spaceships and huge battles. Sometimes, they’re quiet, slow, harboring a deep philosophical thought. Sci-fi may be an excellent way to look at our world and highlight its sins. 

Moon belongs to this kind of movies. Its pitiless description of how lare corporation behave with their staff members is exquisitely illustrated by Clint Mansell’s music. 

ricardo flores villasana, casa habitación, mexico city 1965

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Ola Kolehmainen Photography. Untitled (No. 25).

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The Albero Bookcase by Poltrona Frau


I love the irregularity of this bookcase design. Though it uses simple forms it abstracts them well into a visually interesting piece… just wish it didn’t look like it sits above a pogo stick. I reckon I could put up with that one blemish.

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Walking City, a seven-and-a-half-minute video study of modernistic evolution.

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Oceans and shores are never a safe place.

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Public Housing - Paris

Located in Duployé Street, 18th arrondissement in northern Paris, this project was designed by X-TU Agency and completed in 2010.

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Rays of rainbow

Backyard of a parisian preschool, Pajol district, 18th arrondissement.

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