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Hydroelectric Power Station Kempten Becker Architekten

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Maison La Roche, 1923
Le Corbusier

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Members Of Mayday - Sonic Empire (Jan Driver Mix) 

A special tribute to a very special berliner friend.

Manhattan Bridge - New York

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Peek-a-boo parisian apartments: the residence poissonniers/maast

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OCRA - spherical national pantheon for Kazakhstan

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Administrative Building “Astra-Turm” (1970-Demolished in 2005) in Hamburg, Germany

by Horst von Bassewitz

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Ancient Greek boxer.

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Scholar nest.

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Black, White & Male.

Photographer: Joseph Hammond / Model: Jason Chipman Howlett

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Bravely go where no man

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Perfect illustration of the current state of the american dream about space.

Darkside - Golden Arrow.

Current french motto

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"J’adore Paris" by Paul Richardson

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